Ambush Testament


An Engaging tale that stirs human emotions

Touching many chords of human emotions entwined with intricately developed circumstances ‘Ambush Testament’ is a heartwarming short tale based on the harsh realities of African Civil War, where author Abass Collier gives his readers an insight into the lives of two main characters i.e. a father- Sergeant Momoh and a son- Rebel Captain Samba (a teenage youngster) who are separated in life and after death by plans of destiny.
Narrated in an intriguing style author Abass Collier places intense action and violence including the flashback of the characters pasts that justifies and brings out the current actions of the characters.
Moving at a rapid fire pace ‘Ambush Testament’ is an engaging tale with numerous characters that are sure to stir the human emotions and grab the readers from the opening pages and won’t let go until the very end building a stunning conclusion.
Young adults and adults, fans of history and survival tales are sure to adore this believable fiction with life-like characters. ‘Ambush Testament’ is a sure masterpiece from author Abass Collier who definitely knows about his storyline and has a talent of conveying his creativity. Highly recommended to those looking for a short entertaining read.

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