Intrinsic Encounters

A thrilling entertainer. Author Kenneth Oddeck demonstrates a deep knowledge of young adults thought processes through a cleaver combination of absurd situations intertwined intricately with the life of the lead character David Elbert. ‘Intrinsic Encounters’ is an enjoyable, humorous romp that relays a clear picture of parental ignorance and its impact on a child’s life. Read more about Intrinsic Encounters[…]


Drastic & tense, bone chilling mystery thriller. ‘Anonymous’ is a mystery thriller with a paranormal undertones saturating a bone chilling plot that relays a poignant tale of two young women. Mysterious occurrences at a hundred year old farm house are driving Debra Hamilton crazy, leaving her to question her possible inheritance of schizophrenia from her Read more about Anonymous[…]

Day of Reckoning: A Lucas Wade Western – Book 3

Believable adventurous fiction. Building excitement in the riveting follow up to the ‘Lucas Wade Western Series’ author Raylan McCrae grabs his readers with brilliant western adventure at the finest level and with explicit narration that is packed with intense action and detailed imaging as Lawman Marshal Lucas Wade strives to restore law in Spencer, Wyoming Read more about Day of Reckoning: A Lucas Wade Western – Book 3[…]

Yours, Anonymous

Deep, profound wisdom of human nature. ‘Yours, Anonymous’ is an impressive mystery thriller that is superbly crafted with a well thought out diction and intriguing style of narration necessary for the progression of the story giving an explicit insight into the complicated & complex world of teens. Author David Orr is a storyteller of the Read more about Yours, Anonymous[…]

Nothing Happens All the Time: Homicides Truly Know How to Interrupt a Good Meal! (The Perpetual Manifested States of Being) (Volume 1)

Capable of transporting readers in future along its characters. Join detective Mitchell Eli and his team on their thrilling quest of homicidal murder mystery where they will strive to beat the odds of life and solve enigmas masterfully plotted and set by author Edmund Mahon in the future year of 2076. ‘Nothing Happens All the Read more about Nothing Happens All the Time: Homicides Truly Know How to Interrupt a Good Meal! (The Perpetual Manifested States of Being) (Volume 1)[…]

The Clown Prince of Paris

Roller-coaster ride of danger and humour. Author James Dudley skillfully plots a humorous yet full-of-puzzles-to-solve thriller based in the year 1954 in Paris. Moving at a breakneck pace with captivating narration ‘The Clown Prince of Paris’ unfolds intriguingly into a believable read with true political events thoughtfully entwined with the fascinating life story of an Read more about The Clown Prince of Paris[…]

The Count Of Baldpate

Engrossing and believable fiction. ‘The Count Of Baldpate’ by author Sherrie Todd Beshore is a perfect blend of well plotted suspense thriller with an intriguing narrative packed with palpable trepidation seeping out from every chapter at the turn of every page as the story unfolds. An old business card belonging to history professor Hank Rule Read more about The Count Of Baldpate[…]

Taste Like Chicken (Inside the Lines Series Book 2)

A thriller with a diverse appeal. ‘Tastes Like Chicken’ is an entertaining thriller full of mysteries, enigmas and puzzles to solve which spins around a handicapped detective- Jeff Davis. The sudden missing of Haul trucker- Big John near Hereford, Texas, leaves his wife Sheryl heading for help from detective Jeff and his partner Zig. The Read more about Taste Like Chicken (Inside the Lines Series Book 2)[…]