An admirable concise style of narration. ‘Tears of Glass’ is an intriguing mystery thriller that overflows with imaginative concepts and complimenting musical accompaniments of 60s and 80s. Ex-football player Morgan’s past is embedded with unfortunate and unsuccessful episodes of his life. His degree in architecture just earns him a reasonable living until his new found Read more about TEARS OF GLASS[…]

It Just Takes One: Part 1

With elements to entertain, frighten & engross. Thoughtfully conceived and smartly executed, ‘It Just Takes One’ is a modern day fiction thriller that is infused with a complex subject of terrorism and its scorching violence. Brave Afghan soldier Bahram and his friend Abaz- a qualified doctor in medicine from Emory university- Atlanta are summoned into Read more about It Just Takes One: Part 1[…]

Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle

A mystery suspense thriller in every sense of word. With eminently admirable characters and exquisite imagination ‘Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle’ is a compelling read where author Kim Carter crafts mounting suspense that overwhelms skepticism. Charming personality of renowned cardiac surgeon Dr. Grant Chatsworth lures a small town waitress-Lizzie to a deceptive ‘blissful happy marriage’ until Read more about Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle[…]

Moon Huntress

A remarkable work of undeniable potential. Action oriented, dramatic with anecdotes of thrilling twists ‘Moon Huntress’ is a remarkable work of undeniable potential by author Connie Shipley. With the flood of immaculate narration and intricately fascinating details, author Connie Shipley brings forward her female protagonist Bina Knopfler- a Mossad agent whose irresistible beauty is a Read more about Moon Huntress[…]

Vamp Lure: Cain and Cassie (Vamp Empire Book 1)

An absorbing 1st installment. ‘Vamp Lure: Cain and Cassie’ is an erotic fantasy with tender and compelling narration that flips between characters of Cain and Cassie reveling an entertaining caper fiction. With passion for fictional characters of vampires and their romances, Cassie unravels a completely new dimension to the life of vampires, that is a Read more about Vamp Lure: Cain and Cassie (Vamp Empire Book 1)[…]

A Price for Genius

An absorbing installment full of well paced thrilling adventure. An entertaining sequel in Dr. Lindsey McCall series- ‘A Price for Genius’ is a masterful read that is sure to sharpen readers appetite for the coming installment proving author Lin Wilder a worthy successor to carry on the series that is at once complex, surprising, full Read more about A Price for Genius[…]

Jordan Banks: Origins of a Spy (Jordan Banks Novels Book 1)

Extraordinary adventure of ordinary ‘Jordan Banks’ Graduate from the University of Washington with dual masters in integrated robotics and nanotechnology, Jordan Banks is an extraordinarily intelligent geek living life on his own terms, barely making ends meet doing computer repair jobs in his suburban Seattle community when a breath taking beauty working at an ice-cream Read more about Jordan Banks: Origins of a Spy (Jordan Banks Novels Book 1)[…]

The Woman Who Sparked the Greatest Sex Scandal of All Time

A worthy successor for more to come in future. ‘The Women Who Sparked the Greatest Sex Scandal of All Time’ is a multilayered modern day dystopian thriller that is saturated with explicit undertones of erotica. Tense, dramatic with a nice twist of enjoyable mysterious romp, author Eli Yaakunah delivers an intriguing novel with a charismatic Read more about The Woman Who Sparked the Greatest Sex Scandal of All Time[…]

Intrinsic Encounters

A thrilling entertainer. Author Kenneth Oddeck demonstrates a deep knowledge of young adults thought processes through a cleaver combination of absurd situations intertwined intricately with the life of the lead character David Elbert. ‘Intrinsic Encounters’ is an enjoyable, humorous romp that relays a clear picture of parental ignorance and its impact on a child’s life. Read more about Intrinsic Encounters[…]


Drastic & tense, bone chilling mystery thriller. ‘Anonymous’ is a mystery thriller with a paranormal undertones saturating a bone chilling plot that relays a poignant tale of two young women. Mysterious occurrences at a hundred year old farm house are driving Debra Hamilton crazy, leaving her to question her possible inheritance of schizophrenia from her Read more about Anonymous[…]