Earth’s Guardians: A Life Redrawn

A solid piece of eloquent, thrilling sci-fi. ‘Earth’s Guardians: A Life Redrawn’ is an amusing sci-fi with a new plot twist around every corner that unfolds a mystery embodied powerfully in the lives of two teenagers -Hannah and Taylor. An amusing school holiday exercise turns into relentless enigma for Hannah and Taylor after their classmate Read more about Earth’s Guardians: A Life Redrawn[…]

Sons of Taldra: A Science Fiction Adventure

Contemporary fiction- character driven family sage. ‘Sons of Taldra’ is an exquisite, thoughtful exploration of the ties that bind the fluidity of life, relationships and survival as author Duane Simolke’s charming trio- Taldra and her sons- Telius and Argen battle for the fate of Valchondria against the shape shifting aliens. The intriguing adventure of Valchondria Read more about Sons of Taldra: A Science Fiction Adventure[…]

Sorrow (The Sorrows Trilogy Book 1)

Not your usual dark stereotypes paranormal! Modulated with infinite care, ‘Sorrow (The Sorrow Trilogy Book 1)’ is a spellbinding fantasy narration that is imagistic, saturated with super natural mystical undertones that is not your usual dark stereotypes paranormal but is delightful and original in concept. A sudden transition into the ‘perfect’ mystical world of vampyres Read more about Sorrow (The Sorrows Trilogy Book 1)[…]

Enclave: Creation (Chaotic Order Book 1)

A start of a promising series Lypri Nmerga have turned against their own race for the greed of power leaving Legendary figures to battle over the fate of universe in author Rafael Soares Enclave: Creation (Chaotic Order Book 1). Offering some interesting fragments about apocalyptic tale of survival and justice author Rafael’s novel is destined to Read more about Enclave: Creation (Chaotic Order Book 1)[…]

Jordan Banks: Origins of a Spy (Jordan Banks Novels Book 1)

Extraordinary adventure of ordinary ‘Jordan Banks’ Graduate from the University of Washington with dual masters in integrated robotics and nanotechnology, Jordan Banks is an extraordinarily intelligent geek living life on his own terms, barely making ends meet doing computer repair jobs in his suburban Seattle community when a breath taking beauty working at an ice-cream Read more about Jordan Banks: Origins of a Spy (Jordan Banks Novels Book 1)[…]


A powerful read that is sure to transport readers to an alien land. ‘Strife’ is a powerful multilayered modern day Sci-fi with rich descriptive and intricate narrative superbly crafted with well thought out gripping tale of grit, action and survival amidst corruption and instability. The alien world of Tallagen witnesses colonization of ‘Fleet Epsilon’ for Read more about Strife[…]

The Harvester Series: The Reap Begins

Multilayered parable, full of enigmas & thrilling quest. ‘The Harvester Series: The Reap Begins’ is an entertaining short sequel from ‘The Harvester Series’ that continues strong with vivid detailed settings intertwined with intricately developed plot to create an exceptionally immersive reading experience relayed by charismatic, multidimensional characters masterfully introduced by the author. A hidden intention Read more about The Harvester Series: The Reap Begins[…]

Tarquin Jenkins And The Book Of Dreams

Smartly crafted with freshness and fluidity. On a to and fro journey through time in past and future author Peter W. Ford takes his readers through thrilling yet wondrous adventures ventured by a teenage boy ‘Tarquin Jenkins’ who is on an outlook for book of dreams, through the clues left for him to discover by Read more about Tarquin Jenkins And The Book Of Dreams[…]

Sunspots (Volume 1)

Powerful enough to transport readers to space. Author Gary Martin does a great job in creating life like real characters with complex behavior as they try to overcome adversity in futuristic science fictional thriller ‘Sunspots’. A mysterious halt in the engines of spaceship ‘sunspot 2’ puts shift manager John Farrow in a nerve wrecking situation Read more about Sunspots (Volume 1)[…]