Blood Seed

Impeccable read with multidimensional, mysterious entities. ‘Blood Seed’ is a powerful tale of survival, love, struggle and strength with immaculate imagination that is masterfully penned down with rich & exquisite descriptive prose and intricate narrative. A creepy darkness from Riftwoods has been engulfing Sheft’s freedom to happiness all his life since childhood, forcing him to Read more about Blood Seed[…]

Lord of Fire

Compelling, fanciful read! ‘Lord of Fire’ is bound to be one of the most fascinating, enjoyable, adventurous fantasy read in every sense of word as it ticks along at a perfect pace, exhibiting author Susi Wright’s unbelievable talent of transporting her readers to a highly well imagined fictitious fantasy era with its characters skillfully embedded Read more about Lord of Fire[…]

No Greater Love

A real feast to the soul and the mind! ‘No Greater Love’ is a masterpiece of contemporary romance, artistically mingled with survival tales concerning the very nature of humanity, family values and individuality. Unfolding an engaging tale with diverse appeal author Eris Field brings in a mesmerizing circassian beauty – Janan whose destiny intertwines with Read more about No Greater Love[…]

How to Seduce a Queen: A Medieval Romance Novel

Original in concept and delightful in style. ‘How to Seduce a Queen’ by author Stella Marie Alden is an epic read in every sense of word where every page ticks along at a perfect pace bringing the time period of the 13th century, year of 1283 to life with authentic details and believable characters. Managing Read more about How to Seduce a Queen: A Medieval Romance Novel[…]

The Devil Take Tomorrow

Engaging read that deserves time of every reader! The harsh and heart warming picture of historical reality of American Revolution was skillfully woven into a fictional read by author Gretchen Jeannette to give her readers an insight into the impressive work of research through ‘The Devil Take Tomorrow’ where a very lifelike believable continental soldier Read more about The Devil Take Tomorrow[…]

Out of the Storm

Believable characters & strong storyline- worth one’s time. A mix of bone chilling crime with moments of mesmerizing steamy romance ‘Out of the Storm’ is a thoroughly entertaining work of creativity with intriguing narration from author Carol Ashe that revolves around a workaholic detective Isabelle Carte or ‘Isa’ who is placed by destiny into the Read more about Out of the Storm[…]

Burning Bridger: Scandal in the Sea Caves

Genuinely impressive and worth reading novel ‘Burning Bridger: Scandal in the Sea Caves’ is a novel with a balanced pace, intricately developed in the genre of romantic suspense, entwined with vivid details smartly set in the lives of its two characters mainly. Scars on soul from a brutal rape and death of a close friend Read more about Burning Bridger: Scandal in the Sea Caves[…]

A Devil of a Time

Historical romance twisted with mystery. ‘A Devil of a Time’ is a spellbinding historical fiction set in the times of 1700s towards the end of the revolutionary war in the colonial America where love struggles at the dark hands of mystery bringing out three most appealing and distinguished characters- Captain Niall McLane, Andrew- a drunkard Read more about A Devil of a Time[…]