The Passer

A well rounded, appealing read for fans of diverse genre. Intricate tapestry of creatively plotted paranormal romance with tale of loss, perseverance and family ‘The Passer’ is an engaging start to series full of potential. Coping with a devastating loss of boyfriend Jeremy, Shakespearean actress- Eleanor Bouchard begins to discover other worldly power hidden within Read more about The Passer[…]

Nite Fire: Flash Point

Smartly conceived and well executed world building. Leaving a flawed past behind Dahlia Nite the assassin of Drimera realm had vowed to protect the human race from beastly creatures lurking parallel to the realm of Earth for the favor of shelter amongst humanity but as the horrifying murder rate culminates in Sentinel city, Dahila roars Read more about Nite Fire: Flash Point[…]

Sorrow (The Sorrows Trilogy Book 1)

Not your usual dark stereotypes paranormal! Modulated with infinite care, ‘Sorrow (The Sorrow Trilogy Book 1)’ is a spellbinding fantasy narration that is imagistic, saturated with super natural mystical undertones that is not your usual dark stereotypes paranormal but is delightful and original in concept. A sudden transition into the ‘perfect’ mystical world of vampyres Read more about Sorrow (The Sorrows Trilogy Book 1)[…]

Shifter’s Hope (Spirit Walkers Saga Book 1)

Intricate narrative worthy of attention. Laura Hawks is an amazing storyteller of the classical style who’s excellence of intertwining cultures and history with highly explicit fiction leaves her readers astounded and intrigued. ‘Shifter’s Hope (Spirit Walkers Saga Book 1)’ is a masterful read skillfully woven with elements of survival, growth, loss, love and struggle that Read more about Shifter’s Hope (Spirit Walkers Saga Book 1)[…]

The Bone Whisperer (The Adventures of George and Flanagan Book 2)

Reflecting magnificent childhood memories. A riveting follow up to ‘The HeadMaster’s Cave’, ‘The Bone Whisperer’ is a read capable of transporting its readers amidst young endearing and adventurous characters- George, Dougie and Katie who strive hard on their thrilling quest of putting an end to the destructive business plan of a local business owner ‘McMaster’ Read more about The Bone Whisperer (The Adventures of George and Flanagan Book 2)[…]

The Ghost and the Grimoire

Exceptionally immersive reading experience! ‘The Ghost and the Grimoire’ was an enthralling read that made me live and grow under the skin of Daniella Yankovich ¬†and experience ecstasy by romancing the handsome but dead confederate solider Elliott Stone whose ghostly spirit had taken refuge for over a century in the old colonial villa owned by Read more about The Ghost and the Grimoire[…]

The Ghost of Cattingham Hall

Tale of fight and survival against unimaginable. ‘The Ghost of Cattingham Hall’ is a spine chilling, yet enthralling and vividly detailed novel intricately developed in the genre of supernatural paranormal read where author Amber A. Cross skillfully brings her readers to witness a creepy tale of a young teenager Maddie, who has come to live Read more about The Ghost of Cattingham Hall[…]

The Raven’s Daughter

Crime thriller full of mysteries, enigmas & a little bit of romance. ‘The Raven’s Daughter’ is a fast paced read, full of mysteries, enigmas and a little bit of romance that whisks the readers immediately into a highly imaginative and gripping thriller with an ever engaging plot, full of fresh twists and turns. Retired criminologist Read more about The Raven’s Daughter[…]

Tempting Fate (The Dark Races Book 1)

Exploring the Fae world. Based on fresh strong story line, author K.K. Watson is sure to cast a spell over her readers through her fast paced, absorbing paranormal romance ‘Tempting Fate.‘ A mysterious horrifying car accident leads Elena Kelley to deal with the loss of her adoptive parents, forcing her to move in with her Read more about Tempting Fate (The Dark Races Book 1)[…]