Monster’s Children (The Tricksters’ War Book 1)

Pleasingly original contribution to the dark fantasy genre. ‘Monster’s Children (The Tricksters’ War Book 1)’ is an entertaining urban fantasy thriller with rich & beautiful world building, ancient tales of mystical entities and monstrous threats. When Trickster Gods seek help from their most malicious and feared member Spider- Jamie and her teammates are the chosen Read more about Monster’s Children (The Tricksters’ War Book 1)[…]

The Moonlit Goddess Presents: A Seasons of Change Novella: A Wynter’s Tale

Spellbinding, modern day parable. Unfolding a modern day fiction with an affable appeal ‘A Wynter’s Tale’ is an adventurous narration of two charismatic characters Belinda ‘Linda’ Denise Martins Capwell Chamberlin and ‘Wynn’-Wynter Hawkings a retired, recovering air force pilot. Adopted by a wealthy couple after the accidental death of their only son- Gregory, Linda had Read more about The Moonlit Goddess Presents: A Seasons of Change Novella: A Wynter’s Tale[…]

Letting Go: A Novel

Life’s paradox well depicted. A Women’s fiction smartly balanced with elements like romance, social consciousness and other distillations of life, ‘Letting Go’ is a well rounded, multilayered modern day parable by author Maria Corley. Ignorance and abuse are brought to light as are the healing powers of care, respect and love when author unfolds her Read more about Letting Go: A Novel[…]

Eve’s Destiny: Mike and Eve Series #1

A promising debut that is highly immersive. A promising promotion at ‘Colby Designs’ brings independent, headstrong Eve Townsend to New York city far from her dearest and closet friends and home town San Francisco when a crime investigation intervenes Eve’s destiny with handsome NYPD detective Michael Mc Garrett, leaving sparks flying from the very moment Read more about Eve’s Destiny: Mike and Eve Series #1[…]

Outcome, a Novel

A powerful page turner. Intertwined with a clever combination of characters dealing with their own absurd situations, ‘Outcome, a Novel’ is an ambiguous, dramatic medical thriller based on hurricane Ivan ((2004) and its aftermath. Urgent and horrifying evacuation from the approaching disastrous storm leads Karen’s family to deal with a heart wrenching tragedy that interweaves Read more about Outcome, a Novel[…]

Proper Goodbye

An absorbing standalone installment. Mingled with wit and wisdom ‘Proper Goodbye’ is a poignant yet brilliantly narrated tale of Beebe Walker and her family. Working as a grief counselor at a local funeral home, its time for Beebe Walker to stand strong and come to terms with painful, deteriorated relationships of the past. Abandoned by Read more about Proper Goodbye[…]

Mercury: A Daughters of Texas Novel

An absorbing first installment. ‘Mercury: A Daughter of Texas’ showcases strong, independent characters that are relate able with believable relationship and camaraderie that is manipulative beyond measures, evoking emotional attachment for each of them. Life is confined to family and loved ones for heart broken Texas born Mercury Fordson until charm oozing, handsome- newcomer in Read more about Mercury: A Daughters of Texas Novel[…]

Tom’s Inheritance

Unpredictable and mysterious. Mysterious disappearance of Tom’s granddad ‘Jack’ whisks Tom’s inquisitiveness and leads Beansprout (Tom’s cousin) and Tom on their thrilling quest & into a highly mystical and fanciful other world-‘Realm of water’ which is inhabited by incredible creatures and spirits like faeries, elves, fauns nymphs and sidhe. ‘Tom’s Inheritance’ is a superbly crafted Read more about Tom’s Inheritance[…]

The Burden of Gratitude: The Chronicles of Bayboro Correctional Facility II

Brilliantly set and beautifully compiled. Exquisitely imagined and immaculately delivered in form of short stories set in prison, ‘The Burden of Gratitude: The Chronicles of Bayboro Correctional Facility Book 2’ by author Bela Abel is a reconstruction of his past real life experiences. Giving out anecdotes of some poignant, some triumphant tales author Bela Abel Read more about The Burden of Gratitude: The Chronicles of Bayboro Correctional Facility II[…]