A powerful read that is sure to transport readers to an alien land. ‘Strife’ is a powerful multilayered modern day Sci-fi with rich descriptive and intricate narrative superbly crafted with well thought out gripping tale of grit, action and survival amidst corruption and instability. The alien world of Tallagen witnesses colonization of ‘Fleet Epsilon’ for Read more about Strife[…]

The Harvester Series: The Reap Begins

Multilayered parable, full of enigmas & thrilling quest. ‘The Harvester Series: The Reap Begins’ is an entertaining short sequel from ‘The Harvester Series’ that continues strong with vivid detailed settings intertwined with intricately developed plot to create an exceptionally immersive reading experience relayed by charismatic, multidimensional characters masterfully introduced by the author. A hidden intention Read more about The Harvester Series: The Reap Begins[…]

In the Blood (The Witchbreed)

A powerful read that goes beyond expectation. Stirring the heat and unsettling the emotions ‘In the Blood’ is an ultimately charismatic epic fantasy of twin sisters- Ottilde Dominax and Oriabel Dominax as they fight life’s terrible adversities to save one another. With a fair cast of characters, author R. L. Martinez builds a unique world Read more about In the Blood (The Witchbreed)[…]

Omari And The People

Grit and action amidst instability and uncertainty. ‘Omari And The People’ is a delightful, entertaining tale of a skilled, rich thief ‘Omari’, whose decision of starting a new life swept him off his own feet, making him a heroic leader fighting adversities for displaced people. Author Stephen Whitfield, uses his natural instincts of a capable Read more about Omari And The People[…]

Blood Seed

Impeccable read with multidimensional, mysterious entities. ‘Blood Seed’ is a powerful tale of survival, love, struggle and strength with immaculate imagination that is masterfully penned down with rich & exquisite descriptive prose and intricate narrative. A creepy darkness from Riftwoods has been engulfing Sheft’s freedom to happiness all his life since childhood, forcing him to Read more about Blood Seed[…]

Lord of Fire

Compelling, fanciful read! ‘Lord of Fire’ is bound to be one of the most fascinating, enjoyable, adventurous fantasy read in every sense of word as it ticks along at a perfect pace, exhibiting author Susi Wright’s unbelievable talent of transporting her readers to a highly well imagined fictitious fantasy era with its characters skillfully embedded Read more about Lord of Fire[…]

Sunspots (Volume 1)

Powerful enough to transport readers to space. Author Gary Martin does a great job in creating life like real characters with complex behavior as they try to overcome adversity in futuristic science fictional thriller ‘Sunspots’. A mysterious halt in the engines of spaceship ‘sunspot 2’ puts shift manager John Farrow in a nerve wrecking situation Read more about Sunspots (Volume 1)[…]

Crystal Waters it Began in Europe

An absolutely engaging read! ‘Crystal Waters it Began in Europe’ is a vividly detailed novel with highly imagined settings entwined with intricately developed fiction to create an exceptionally immersive reading experience. Author Diana Rozevskis pens down an engaging tale that is entertaining and intriguing in every sense of word, ticking along at a perfect pace Read more about Crystal Waters it Began in Europe[…]

Future Memories: Time Travel University Book 2

Indulge in the adventure of perfect Sci-fi, Author Tedric Garrison’s creativeness is just amazing and beyond expectation as he continues to place his characters new and old into situations intriguing enough to keep his readers interested and engaged through his sequel ‘Time Rescue:Time Travel University Book 1’ Weaving a strong, full of fresh twists, surprises Read more about Future Memories: Time Travel University Book 2[…]