The Hidden City of Chelldrah-ham: Stig’s Flight of Encounters

A compelling addition to the YA fiction genre. ‘The Hidden City of Chelldrah-ham: Stig’s Flight of Encounters’ is a worthwhile and compelling addition to the YA fantasy fiction genre bolstered by a dynamic protagonist and his adventurous tale of endurance and courage. Security of Chelldrah-ham is considered impregnable until Stig’s new invention- test run of Read more about The Hidden City of Chelldrah-ham: Stig’s Flight of Encounters[…]

The Limpet Syndrome

A reprieve from stereotypical reads! A pleasingly original contribution to the science fiction fantasy genre, ‘The Limpet Syndrome’ is a well thought out read superbly crafted with impressive imagery. Combined with a writing style that provides vivid mental pictures of characters and settings without being overly tedious, author Tony Moyle unfolds a fascinating plot with Read more about The Limpet Syndrome[…]

Visions of a Dream

An emotionally & historically rich & honest work. ‘Visions of a Dream’ is a masterful read that absorbingly recreates Macedonian king- ¬†Alexander the Great’s epic conquests and ancient history’s most fascinating period by retracing his most astounding victories as he successfully leads his army across the lethal deserts of Gedrosia. Author Justine Hemmestad skillfully sketches Read more about Visions of a Dream[…]

Lucan (The Lucan Trilogy Book 1)

A read brimming with passion and perils. An absorbing first installment in the series- ‘Lucan (The Lucan Trilogy Book 1)’ is a promising debut that re-energizes the YA urban fantasy genre. Author mda gives out a well written provocative reimaging of the world of werewolf descendants amongst humans as ‘Lucan’. Things tend to feel weird Read more about Lucan (The Lucan Trilogy Book 1)[…]

Lost Universe I

An enjoyable, eloquent romp through universe. ‘Lost Universe 1’ is an entertaining sci-fi with rich astronomical overtones embedded into an utterly engrossing and adventurous journey to find the end of the universe. A team of 4 remaining special crew members navigate through the complexities of the dark corners of universe and explore the mysterious existence Read more about Lost Universe I[…]

Murder in Wizard’s Wood (Bittergate Book 1)

Sure to sharpen readers appetite for the next installment. ‘Murder in Wizard’s Wood‘ is an absorbing fresh, original modern day epic fantasy series starter bolstered by dynamic mystical characters and creatures which are destined to capture imagination through an engrossing adventure with an affable appeal. For centuries Jedediah Shine- a wizard has been a guardian Read more about Murder in Wizard’s Wood (Bittergate Book 1)[…]

Crown of Delusion (The Wars of Reckoning Saga Book 1)

Poignant yet enchanting journey of a young boy. Embedded in the world of grit and action amidst corruption and greed ‘Crown of Delusion’ is an epic fantasy read in every sense of word with perfectly paced authentic details and believable cast of characters. King ‘Vicar Hamens’ brutal assassination by his most trustworthy knight Amar turns Read more about Crown of Delusion (The Wars of Reckoning Saga Book 1)[…]

Millie’s Angel

A graceful work of undeniable potential. Testing the boundaries between Love, obsession and identity ‘Millie’s Angel’ is a heartfelt piece of writing with substance that paints vivid pictures of Millie’s poignant yet triumphant journey through life. Witnessing the deteriorating relationship of her parents followed by the responsibility of showering love and care towards younger brother Read more about Millie’s Angel[…]

The Darziods’ Stone

A marvelous journey worth taking. Intriguing enough to engage even reluctant readers ‘The Darziods’ Stone’ is an entertaining caper fiction and coming of age fantasy adventure that showcases believable camaraderie of five teenage friends who embark on an unexpected discovery after their trip to Tredock cove in Cornwall. The undercurrents of mystery, excitement and fear Read more about The Darziods’ Stone[…]

Ella: A Stepmums Tale

¬† Unpredictable & unexplored secrets of fairyland tales. Legendary fairy tale takes an abrupt dimension when celebrity TV reporter Sylvia Stark decides to cover the fascinating, epitomic fable of Cinderella through Ella’s stepmother Charlotte Johansson Baker. Inconceivable and brutal, this one sided account from evil step-mum is all set to destroy Cinderella’s society image of Read more about Ella: A Stepmums Tale[…]