The Woman Who Sparked the Greatest Sex Scandal of All Time

A worthy successor for more to come in future. ‘The Women Who Sparked the Greatest Sex Scandal of All Time’ is a multilayered modern day dystopian thriller that is saturated with explicit undertones of erotica. Tense, dramatic with a nice twist of enjoyable mysterious romp, author Eli Yaakunah delivers an intriguing novel with a charismatic Read more about The Woman Who Sparked the Greatest Sex Scandal of All Time[…]

The Harvester Series: The Reap Begins

Multilayered parable, full of enigmas & thrilling quest. ‘The Harvester Series: The Reap Begins’ is an entertaining short sequel from ‘The Harvester Series’ that continues strong with vivid detailed settings intertwined with intricately developed plot to create an exceptionally immersive reading experience relayed by charismatic, multidimensional characters masterfully introduced by the author. A hidden intention Read more about The Harvester Series: The Reap Begins[…]

The Inhibited

Highly imaginative and well thought out ‘The Inhibited’ is an enthralling read showcasing the authors unique talent of weaving his thoughts into a well imagined and impressive story line that paints the world and struggles of characters vividly by plotting a dystopian novel based in future of 2042 where a ‘Shaper’ named declan strives to Read more about The Inhibited[…]

Outland Exile: Book 1 of Old Men and Infidels

Gripping glimpse into a post apocalyptic fiction future. ‘Outland Exile: Book 1 of Old Men and Infidels’ by author W. Clark Boutwell is a highly well imagined and admirable read with a gripping glimpse into post apocalyptic fictitious future of America where a 17 year old Malila Chiu is tasked on a mission of checking Read more about Outland Exile: Book 1 of Old Men and Infidels[…]

The Maid of Salerno

Darkening and disaster- dystopian novel at its best! Author Vi Zetterwall crafts a dystopian novel where fiction becomes believable as every page ticks along at a perfect pace bringing out and painting the time period of darkening and disaster brought by an apocalyptic terrorist attack to United States in the year of 2019. Embedded in Read more about The Maid of Salerno[…]