Eve’s Destiny: Mike and Eve Series #1

A promising debut that is highly immersive. A promising promotion at ‘Colby Designs’ brings independent, headstrong Eve Townsend to New York city far from her dearest and closet friends and home town San Francisco when a crime investigation intervenes Eve’s destiny with handsome NYPD detective Michael Mc Garrett, leaving sparks flying from the very moment Read more about Eve’s Destiny: Mike and Eve Series #1[…]

Mercury: A Daughters of Texas Novel

An absorbing first installment. ‘Mercury: A Daughter of Texas’ showcases strong, independent characters that are relate able with believable relationship and camaraderie that is manipulative beyond measures, evoking emotional attachment for each of them. Life is confined to family and loved ones for heart broken Texas born Mercury Fordson until charm oozing, handsome- newcomer in Read more about Mercury: A Daughters of Texas Novel[…]

BERNIE TAYLOR: Life, Lust, Trust & Betrayal

Tender, touching and yet resonant ‘Bernie Taylor: Life, Lust, Trust and Betrayal’ is a masterful contemporary women’s erotica that unfolds a bold, impressive and sexy character of ‘Bernie Taylor’ a women with strong head, high ambitions and clear vision of needs and how to achieve them. Success at work and men come easy for Bernie Read more about BERNIE TAYLOR: Life, Lust, Trust & Betrayal[…]

Thistle Dew

A poignant yet triumphant tale. ‘Thistle Dew’ is an amusingly spellbinding narration of a passionate animal lover, horse trainer Meredith McBride whose dysfunctional family and abusive mother has played an important role in shaping up her low self esteem personality. Meredith’s passion for horses brings her to Teton valley and intertwines her destiny with a Read more about Thistle Dew[…]

Heart of Stone (The Stone Series) (Volume 1)

Romance to resonate long after the last page has been turned. ‘Heart of Stone’ is exquisite tale of contemporary romance with endearing characters and intricate narrative by author Dakota Willink. ‘Krystina Cole’ is on her guard from a heart wrenching past, until Wally’s new investor- appealing and attractive ‘Alexander Stone’ sweeps her off her feet Read more about Heart of Stone (The Stone Series) (Volume 1)[…]

No Greater Love

A real feast to the soul and the mind! ‘No Greater Love’ is a masterpiece of contemporary romance, artistically mingled with survival tales concerning the very nature of humanity, family values and individuality. Unfolding an engaging tale with diverse appeal author Eris Field brings in a mesmerizing circassian beauty – Janan whose destiny intertwines with Read more about No Greater Love[…]

Burning Bridger: Scandal in the Sea Caves

Genuinely impressive and worth reading novel ‘Burning Bridger: Scandal in the Sea Caves’ is a novel with a balanced pace, intricately developed in the genre of romantic suspense, entwined with vivid details smartly set in the lives of its two characters mainly. Scars on soul from a brutal rape and death of a close friend Read more about Burning Bridger: Scandal in the Sea Caves[…]

13 Pathways Home: A collection of short stories

An amazing collection of short stories under one cover. ’13 Pathways Home’ is a very well written and thought out collection of 13 intriguing short stories filled with interesting insights into the world of different characters embedded into different situations of life. With genuinely very expressive and clear mannerism author M.M. Skutetzki superbly crafts each Read more about 13 Pathways Home: A collection of short stories[…]