Escaping the Prince (Bedlam in Brandydook Book 1)

Fascinating Pixie tale Author Lorraine O’ Byrne in her amazing fantasy novel ‘Escaping the Prince’ manages to put together all that one needs in a book, with cute lovable characters and enchanting plot and once the reader is lured into the book there is absolutely no way out. ‘Escaping the Prince’ will take kids and Read more about Escaping the Prince (Bedlam in Brandydook Book 1)[…]

May’s Moon

Motivating and engrossing children’s fiction. British teenager Micheal May has always dreamed of being an astronaut going to the Moon. ‘May’s Moon’ is an engaging, fast paced read which will take little young readers through the adventurous journey of Micheal as he gets selected from the thousands of other kids for a journey to the Read more about May’s Moon[…]

The balloon, Mount Tambura and the Flying Carpet

A read to be treasured by every child and teen. A wish to cherish and re-live childhood days was fulfilled when I laid my hands on one of the most fascinating and hooking read ‘The balloon, Mount Tambura and the Flying Carpet’, where author Fernanda Raineri’s absorbing character of Stella and her sister, of Versilia Read more about The balloon, Mount Tambura and the Flying Carpet[…]

The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman

Truly a treasured possession! ‘The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman’ is a heart warming tale of a boy Moojie Littleman which flows smoothly like a cascade of water into a mesmerizing and a consuming read well woven with emotion, magic, fantasy and depth of life realities. Moojie gets into the lives of Littleman family as Read more about The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman[…]

Atheisaurus 1:: Bjorn and Zorn

Why should adults have all the fun?? Usually we find the Sci-Fi novels based on Aliens and creatures living on another planet- very horrifying, mysterious, dense-serious reads based on highest level of imagination targeting young adults or sensible readers but in this case of Author Andrew Cahill-Lloyd’s book ‘Atheisaurus 1: Bjorn and Zorn’, we will Read more about Atheisaurus 1:: Bjorn and Zorn[…]

Green Gooey Goop

The unavoidable Green Gooey Goop!!! ‘Green Gooey Goop’ is a short descriptive, colourful, rhyming book where writer Anna Morrison gets into a girl childs head and presents her disliked and imaginary world of hating healthy green veggie meals served by her mom in no-matter-any-form be it soups, salads or sandwiches, the poor little girl is Read more about Green Gooey Goop[…]