Cross of a Different Kind: Cancer & Christian Spirituality

An amazingly powerful read- sure to leave an impact. ‘Cross of a Different Kind: Cancer & Christian Spirituality’ is a Christian themed self-help book of hope and endurance. Cancer survivor author Anthony Maranise pens down a thoughtful resource and reassures all those touched by cancer in any of its forms- diagnosed or survived. With rich Read more about Cross of a Different Kind: Cancer & Christian Spirituality[…]

CRADLE OF CRIME : A Daughter’s Tribute

A straight forward homage to a father. ‘Cradle of Crime:  A Daughter’s Tribute’ is a serious literary work of depth, complexity and pragmatic display of family’s history imperfections. Weaving together events witnessed personally and those gleaned from friends, associates, historians, FOIPA, INS and archives of the Department of Justice, author Luellen Smiley’s memoir is a Read more about CRADLE OF CRIME : A Daughter’s Tribute[…]

Gravity Games: A Nathan Sherlock Foodie Thriller (Dark & Delicious Sci-Fi Adventures Book 1)

A Strikingly imagined sci-fi. Utterly absorbing, wrapped with an immaculately imagined original premise and a buoyant humorous tone- ‘Gravity Games: A Nathan Sherlock Foodie Thriller’ is an engaging, fresh start to an adventure series full of potential, bolstered by twists and turns and a dynamic protagonist. Intricate tapestry of narrative featuring snappy dialog and vivid Read more about Gravity Games: A Nathan Sherlock Foodie Thriller (Dark & Delicious Sci-Fi Adventures Book 1)[…]

Malthus Revisited: The Cup of Wrath (Lindsey McCall Medical Mystery)

A read that doles out thrills evenly. Rooting unpredictable twists and tensions with an entertaining family saga- ‘Malthus Revisited- The Cup of Wrath’ is a well rounded, strong stand alone book 4 in the Lindsey McCall Series. After striving hard and battling demons of the past, Rich Jansen and Dr Lindsey reestablish a peaceful life Read more about Malthus Revisited: The Cup of Wrath (Lindsey McCall Medical Mystery)[…]

January’s Paradigm

Bewitching fantasy with diversity. Loaded with clever dialog and vivid characters, ‘January’s Paradigm’ is a polished, calm and a well paced fantasy fiction with original premise and a dramatic climax. Kate Porters marital disloyalty leaves her husband Robert Porter devastated, depressed and miserable at the hands of his wonder drug- Bookers. Once the author of an Read more about January’s Paradigm[…]

Missing Him: A real love story

A uniformly entertaining read. ‘Missing Him: A Real Love Story’ is an intelligent and entertaining blend of an intriguing mystery neatly woven into a delightful, absorbing tale of a young girl with a flawed character. Author L. Penn masterfully draws out the suspense by revealing the underlying truth of Emery Pearson’s life by flipping chapters Read more about Missing Him: A real love story[…]

The Razor-Blade Lady

Terrifyingly good and delightfully creepy. An original tale of terror and creepy explorations ‘The Razor-Blade Lady’ is a deliberate, extraordinary fast paced short anecdote in the genre of horror masterfully crafted with impeccable imaginative conceits. With a spine-chilling horrendous experience of childhood, Brody Bakersfield now has a satisfying and successful present until his best friend Read more about The Razor-Blade Lady[…]

Murder Among The Tombstones

A read with narration at its finest level. Grabbing the readers from the opening pages, ‘Murder Among the Tombstones’ is an unpredictable mystery thriller with a new plot twist around every corner that is intriguing beyond expectations. Not ready to retire and rest, investigative skills break taboos of old age for Iris Hadley and Clara Read more about Murder Among The Tombstones[…]

Children of the Incubi: I. Marriage of Heaven and Hell

An absorbing first installment. Testing the boundaries between love, obsession, dominance and betrayal ‘Children of the Incubi: I. Marriage of Heaven and Hell’ is a mythological fantasy epic that is graceful and compassionately narrated in a sumptuous volume brimming with passion, peril and demonic threats. The story plot flips back and forth with intricately fascinating Read more about Children of the Incubi: I. Marriage of Heaven and Hell[…]

FairyTale Revenge (FairyTale Stepmothers Book 2)

A modern day fairy tale with classical undertones. Well worth readers anticipation, author J.L. Higgs ‘Fairy Tale Revenge’ book 2 from Fairy Tale Stepmothers Series shines out bright, unfolding an entertaining caper for those who enjoy an intriguing mix of fantasy, adventure and a cast of amusing characters. Letting go and allowing life to lead Read more about FairyTale Revenge (FairyTale Stepmothers Book 2)[…]