The Razor-Blade Lady

Terrifyingly good and delightfully creepy. An original tale of terror and creepy explorations ‘The Razor-Blade Lady’ is a deliberate, extraordinary fast paced short anecdote in the genre of horror masterfully crafted with impeccable imaginative conceits. With a spine-chilling horrendous experience of childhood, Brody Bakersfield now has a satisfying and successful present until his best friend Read more about The Razor-Blade Lady[…]

Murder Among The Tombstones

A read with narration at its finest level. Grabbing the readers from the opening pages, ‘Murder Among the Tombstones’ is an unpredictable mystery thriller with a new plot twist around every corner that is intriguing beyond expectations. Not ready to retire and rest, investigative skills break taboos of old age for Iris Hadley and Clara Read more about Murder Among The Tombstones[…]

Children of the Incubi: I. Marriage of Heaven and Hell

An absorbing first installment. Testing the boundaries between love, obsession, dominance and betrayal ‘Children of the Incubi: I. Marriage of Heaven and Hell’ is a mythological fantasy epic that is graceful and compassionately narrated in a sumptuous volume brimming with passion, peril and demonic threats. The story plot flips back and forth with intricately fascinating Read more about Children of the Incubi: I. Marriage of Heaven and Hell[…]

FairyTale Revenge (FairyTale Stepmothers Book 2)

A modern day fairy tale with classical undertones. Well worth readers anticipation, author J.L. Higgs ‘Fairy Tale Revenge’ book 2 from Fairy Tale Stepmothers Series shines out bright, unfolding an entertaining caper for those who enjoy an intriguing mix of fantasy, adventure and a cast of amusing characters. Letting go and allowing life to lead Read more about FairyTale Revenge (FairyTale Stepmothers Book 2)[…]

Fathering The Fatherless: deals with Fatherlessness and how fathers are to be

A read with evident social consciousness & incisive thinking. ‘Fathering the Fatherless’ is a profound exploration of a life of a father, his role in the lives of his children, tempering the harsh realities shaping them physically, mentally and spiritually that is both deeply moving and satisfying. Author Todd Richard Johnson reconstructs his own past, Read more about Fathering The Fatherless: deals with Fatherlessness and how fathers are to be[…]

Entrance (Thornhill Trilogy Book 1)

A perfect blend of steaming romance & art. Impeccably crafted with the mastery over language an its nuances, author J.J. Sorel weaves a uniformly entertaining saga, leading to a refreshing start of the series in the genre of contemporary romance. ‘Entrance (Thornhill Trilogy Book 1)’ unfolds like a perfect, blissful fairy tale, when Clarissa Moone Read more about Entrance (Thornhill Trilogy Book 1)[…]

Moving to Oregon: A Bipolar Journey

A tense read with dramatic twists. With an impressive wealth of knowledge in his subject, author James Townsend gives a brutally honest insight of bipolar disorder through a poignantly narrated engaging fiction of a young graduating man. Embellished with memoir like undertones, ‘Moving to Oregon: A Bipolar Journey’ unfolds at a breakneck pace giving out Read more about Moving to Oregon: A Bipolar Journey[…]

Darkness Beyond the Light

A captivating combination of family love, will & adventure. Filled with intriguing insight into the world of an addict and those around him, author Michael Embry builds excitement in this riveting followup to the novel ‘Old Ways and New Days’ with brilliant narration and believable characters through adventure pulsing with energy and tension. Geared up Read more about Darkness Beyond the Light[…]