The Dennis Bisskit Adventures

A read sure to elicit giggles & laughter. Undoubtedly, Dennis Bisskit’s life has a lot of adventure waiting to be explored by readers and enjoy a hearty laugh. Short, ginger-haired, enthusiastic and good-natured, Dennis Bisskit isn’t particularly a very heroic ‘fantasy like’ figure during his growing years nor his interactions with school mates and surrounding Read more about The Dennis Bisskit Adventures[…]

Keyed Up

A well crafted narration with vibrant settings. Eager to live independently away from her fathers pampering care, pianist Penelope Dixon is all geared up to embrace her new found happiness until random introduction of reclusive composer Sebastian Mauer at Seattle Symphony amplifies and reignites the emotional tension of romance once pushed aside by Sebastian 10 Read more about Keyed Up[…]

Have Fun Getting Fit: Simple Ways to Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body

An inspiring fitness supplement. ‘Have Fun Getting Fit’ is a motivational guide with a refreshing perspective that emphasis on how to achieve maximum benefit from keeping ones body physically active to enjoy an improved quality of life and well being. Through an easy-to-read conversational tone, author Sharkie Zartman provides a brief insight on many factors Read more about Have Fun Getting Fit: Simple Ways to Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body[…]

Same Inside, Different Outside

A fascinating, swift- 5 star read! Exhibiting a deep knowledge of children’s thought process, author Deborah Hunt immerses young readers right into an energetic and enjoyable romp of a kindergarten class where little students are enthusiastic to explore what Dr Shaw and Mr Bones (a life size model of skeleton) has in store for the Read more about Same Inside, Different Outside[…]

It Just Takes One: Part 1

With elements to entertain, frighten & engross. Thoughtfully conceived and smartly executed, ‘It Just Takes One’ is a modern day fiction thriller that is infused with a complex subject of terrorism and its scorching violence. Brave Afghan soldier Bahram and his friend Abaz- a qualified doctor in medicine from Emory university- Atlanta are summoned into Read more about It Just Takes One: Part 1[…]