Mystic: Summer (Mystic Blood Book 1)

Thoroughly entertaining science fantasy fiction. Through a thoroughly entertaining science fiction author Michelle Rueb takes her readers on an adventure of a young girl Nora, unaware of her origin and connection of the past to the world of magic and its realm, Nora lives her unusual life in the mortal world in the city of Read more about Mystic: Summer (Mystic Blood Book 1)[…]

Shadow of the Raven (Sons of Kings) (Volume 1)

A well narrated and researched masterpiece. Author Millie Thom definitely deserves to be appreciated for her mesmerizing novel ‘Shadow of the Raven (Sons of Kings Book 1) as she very artistically and thoughtfully weaves delicate threads of history with captivating fiction bringing out an intriguing life journey of two kingdoms and their sons Alfred of Read more about Shadow of the Raven (Sons of Kings) (Volume 1)[…]

A STRANGE BEGINNING: A Biographical Novel (The BYRON Series Book 1)

A biographical reality more appealing than fiction. I kept growing up with George Gordon or Lord Byron, at the turn of every page as author Gretta Curran enriched my knowledge and curiosity with her biographical novel. Author Curran has showcased her talent of writing a well thought and well researched read by capturing the very Read more about A STRANGE BEGINNING: A Biographical Novel (The BYRON Series Book 1)[…]

Forsaken Oath (A Dana Hargrove Legal Mystery)

There are prices to pay for the position! With great position comes greater responsibility but at times we have to pay a high price for responsibility. This position is sure to fall hard and heavy on Dana Hargrove ( a chief of a major trial bureau in the Manhattan District attorney office). Dana’s plan for Read more about Forsaken Oath (A Dana Hargrove Legal Mystery)[…]

Never Mind my Thigh Gap

Every individual is unique & special in their own way! Author Sarah Newton surely does bring back some long forgotten, cherishing memories of school days for her readers by introducing to us ‘Alice Delaney’ an unusual teenage high-school girl with her adolescent fads and fascinations of boys, gossips, desiring ‘that perfect body’ any girl would Read more about Never Mind my Thigh Gap[…]

Full Circle (The Belanger Creek Ranch) (Volume 2)

The amazing narration deserves our appreciation. Drama, action and romance is back on ‘The Belanger Creek Ranch’ in full swing but this time with a new appealing character whose life will intervene with Colt and Frank Thompson from Book 1. When successful accountant and owner of Swift current accounting & bookkeeping Services, ‘Shauna Lee Holt’ Read more about Full Circle (The Belanger Creek Ranch) (Volume 2)[…]