An incredible journey into space: The Storm Planet ‘Storm Slave: The Storm Planet Series Volume Three‘ is undoubtedly one of the best imagined and well crafted novels in the genre of Sci-fi with a strong story line woven with drama, romance, politics, emotions and some of the most appealing strong characters, male and female both. Read more about STORM SLAVE: THE STORM PLANET SERIES: VOLUME THREE[…]

A Foolish Consistency

Spellbinding tale of rekindling romance! Callie Winwood and Will Tremaine get blessed by destiny’s second chance to rekindle their long-lost, 2 decade old love relation until past intervenes with their mesmerizing romance bringing in sorrows from the past of Callie’s divorce and Will’s children and ex-in laws grieving over the death and loss of Will’s Read more about A Foolish Consistency[…]

The Crowd and the Merrimack

Fond memories through dark paths. Author Bryce Ian is sure to bring back some fond, cherishing memories of school days for his readers. ‘The Crowd and the Merrimack’ turns from light-hearted read into a suspenseful dark tale with a twist as the narration goes down further with the life of our teenage high school student Read more about The Crowd and the Merrimack[…]